In yesterdays article I said I would talk some more about why you should list your business, not just on directory website but on this directory website.

Lets just get straight in there and say first of all the standard business listing on this site is free, why wouldn’t you take advantage of that? Not only does it give you another all important back link to your own website but it is industry specific and highly localised.

We aren’t trying to cover lots of industries from all over the UK and/or Ireland, we’re a niche directory covering only the photography industry and only in Northern Ireland. Search engines view a back link from a website in you own industry as more relevant and significant than one from a site not in your industry. Location also plays a part but I won’t go into the heady realms of SEO as rarely has there been a duller subject.

In our new business directory we have made a few changes, your email address is no longer shown leaving it impossible for spam peddlers to make email marketing lists from your listings here. When a potential client wants to contact you they can send you a message directly from here, no record of these interactions are visible to the admin of this site, this is a private channel between you and your client. The new listing facility gives you the opportunity to upload two photos for every category you list in, included in your free listing. The comment box on your listing also gives your clients a chance to tell everyone else how good you are and why they should hire you, something else search engine algorithms are picking up on these days.

It’s fast and easy to list your business on our directory, so what’s stopping you? Just click on the “Submit A Listing” button on the Business Directory page.

Have a good weekend, whatever your photographing. 🙂