Changing PNI

We are changing some things at Photography Northern Ireland but don’t panic! It’s for the best.

Those of you who have been following us for the last few years will have noticed that we have been getting our news feed delivered via rss from other websites who publish all sorts of interesting photography news and equipment reviews an whilst these posts have been great we think it’s time to bring PNI back to what it was always supposed to be, a Northern Ireland specific photography website, just for us here on this little patch of land we call home.

New business directory

We’ve also made some significant changes to how the site operates. A brand new business directory system is in place for you to list your photography related business with some pictures to help show it off and a place for your customers to give you feedback as well as ratings. All of these things help your business ratings online as will be explained in a future post. List your photography business.

Ratings on our posts!!

Let us know how we’re doing by rating our posts, if we’re giving you information you like and would like to see more off, let us know with a good rating, equally if we’re giving you something that’s holds no interest and you would care if you never seen it’s like again rate it low. These ratings will help us to shape how your PNI will develop into the future.

Camera club listings

We’ve brought back our camera club listings to help people find information on local clubs. If you’re involved check to see your club is listed, if not drop us a line with the details and we’ll be sure to get you on there.


Got something to say? We’re always looking for people who like to write and more importantly love photography, it could be a place you love, to add to our hidden gems, like this one, St Patrick’s Chair and Well, or a review of a camera, printer, service you’ve used. Good or bad, why not let others in our community know. You can contact us here or email to learn how you can become a contributor to our community.

appbar.arrow.downDon’t forget to let us know what you think, leave a comment and/or rate this post 🙂