I have written to ask if you would be kind enough circulate my details to your club members.

I have recently started photographic workshops from my home on the Isle of Skye, a location which has some of the most stunning scenery in the country. My new website is now on-line and information about my workshops can be found there. Please feel free to browse through it.Many, including retired teachers, have said I have a knack for explaining things in simple terms. I believe that this, combined with living in an area of outstanding natural beauty, puts me in a great position to be of service to other photographers of all abilities.

As someone who has been involved in “camera club” photography, I look forward to welcoming members of camera clubs and photographic groups to Skye in the coming years and helping them to find great images from around the island, and perhaps beyond.  I hope some of your members will be amongst those to benefit.Wishing you and your club members a successful summer of photography,

David McHutchison