Hi everybody, we have just went live with PhotographyNorthernIreland.CO.UK in order to return to giving you and your business free listings something we unfortunately were not able to return to easily with the .com site, further advantages to this site is the fact that it works well with mobile devices giving you better chance of being found by the ever growing army of people using mobile devices to browse the internet.

Its been a while from we have been posting on this site but that’s going to change from here on out and we want your input on these pages as this site is for and about YOU!

So send us your News, upcoming Events, Equipment you want to sell, Best wishes for clients you found through here, Recommendations from clients who found you here……………………………

I know its not in our nature as a people but lets show off a little. Lets show the world the good side of our wee country.

Get your business listed and send us all the positive things that we can use to show off your talent. #positiveNI