When it comes to getting top quality photographic prints you want the very best that you can buy.

In this age of digital photography so many of us store and look at our images on our computer which is all very well until the inevitable happens and something goes wrong with it, a crash means that all those treasured family memories are lost, so what’s the solution? Backing up our photos to disc is good but we have no way of telling how long the integrity of our discs will last and these days we have no negatives to fall back on.

Printing a hard copy of our photographs is a great way to view them and ensure we have a copy if all else fails but did you know that there a vast differences in the life span of a print depending on how its done? Inkjet printing fades over time dramatically if left in sunlight and again memories are lost.

Make sure your images are printed for quality and longevity and for this Photography Northern Ireland recommends the expertise of CPS Labs in Lurgan, high quality photographic printing at competitive prices, postal service available.