Welcome to Photography Northern Ireland, the first and only website dedicated to all things photography in Northern Ireland. Its our aim to give you some insight to the photography scene within Northern Ireland and to introduce you to some of the very talented people who are professional or semi professional photographers working throughout our country and to those who just take great pictures for their own pleasure.

For the general public we want it to be a place where you can come and find a photographer  in your area to do your wedding photography, commercial photography,  family portraits or any other photography you need, and if you’re a photography enthusiast we hope we can introduce you to your local camera clubs with some features and competitions and a forum where you can share tips and chat kit.  For the semi/full time professional  photographers of Northern Ireland we would like this site to be a place to interact with your public and possibly your next customer. We know that you all work hard, long hours in front of computers and arranging for shoots of all kinds, we want to show off your talent to your public  in a central location, convenient for the public of Northern Ireland, a link on to your site from your bio  for more information about you and your services, and a gallery to show your work here.

We hope this to be a lively and fun place to choose your photographer and ensure you’re getting quality work as well as some fun things to do and look at and a place where our professional photographers in Northern Ireland can show you they are amongst the best in the world

As you may have gathered by now this site is currently under construction however’

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In the mean time information is being added all the time, so have a look around and check in again soon